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Hi there!

For some time now I've been posting these photos on my social media accounts and I keep getting asked "Can you share the recipe?"

Well, the answer is now YES!

I have a strong belief in eating whole and healthy food. We practice a mostly grain-free, refined sugar-free and dairy-free lifestyle.

I say mostly because there are some things that some family members can tolerate, and some things that none of us will eat.

We have a number of health issues in our family with which we have seem amazing results from this change to our way of eating.

I don't believe in pigeon-holing yourself into a strict process. If it's healthy, whole and makes you feel good, then go for it!

I hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.

I'd love to hear about your cooking, feel free to tag me on Instagram @bluerustimages so that I can see your beautiful efforts.



Cacao Granola

November 07, 2017  •  1 Comment
"Just like a chocolate milkshake, only heeeee-althy!" This granola is pretty much my new favourite thing. It's crunchy and chocolatey and so freaking delicious. Eat it like cereal, in a bowl with almond or coconut milk. Eat it as a crumble on top of something else. Eat it by the handful standing in the kitchen when no-one is looking..What?! So...
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Epic Brownies

October 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
I tried really hard to think of a clever or witty name for these brownies, but the truth is that they are epic. Full stop. When I first changed the way that I eat, I tried black bean brownies and zucchini brownies many strange combinations that I won't list them. They all were sadly disappointing. Too wet, too cakey, too grainy. I'm pick...
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Saffron Infused Apple Tart

August 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
This decadent tart is the perfect show-stopper for a dinner party. The saffron infused apple gives it an amazing flavour and that colour - OMG! It's a little tricky to make, but nowhere near as complicated as it looks. And hey, it's healthy! No grains, or sugars and you could switch out the butter for coconut oil and make it diary-free as well....
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Choc-Dipped Biscuits

August 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Mmmmmmm…chocolate. Is there anything as delicious as chocolate? A while ago, I saw this low carb Thin Mints recipe from one of my favourite low carb bloggers All Day I Dream About Food. Now, I’m Australian and our Girl Guide biscuits are very different to the US varieties, so I’ve never had a Thin Mint. That didn’t stop me from getting excited, b...
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Macadamia, Sage and Wattleseed Cheesecake

July 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
You may have seen on my social media pages (Not following me? Why the heck not? You need to get on that right now...I'll wait) that it was my hubby's birthday recently. I made him this luxe Australian ingredients cheesecake and it was A-MAZING! This cheesecake is grain and sugar free and low carb, but is not dairy free or paleo. I have included a...
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